The government has published the general public comments submitted in relation to the draft bill on companies investing in the property lease. Analysis of the comments indicates a high demand for a new regulation. However, it is worth expanding it in such a way as to create interesting opportunities for the entire real property industry, and not only for those letting of real properties for housing purposes.

The Government Legislation Centre has published the comments submitted as regards the draft bill on companies investing in property lease. This means that after the applicant’s response to the comments, the governmental legislative process will enter the opinion phase. Bearing in mind the pace of work so far, it seems that drafters want to refer the law to parliamentary work as soon as possible.

Investing in property lease is a good business – only good regulations are missing

So far, there has been no regulation in the Polish legal order that would permit the government to benefit effectively from the potential of the companies wishing to invest large amounts of money in property lease. The draft bill is intended to fill this gap – the government proposes to grant the companies investing in property lease the CIT rate of 8.5%, as well as to introduce the tax exemption of income (revenues) obtained by the companies investing in the property lease and their subsidiaries.

Envisaged solutions are mainly intended for largest real property companies – the status of the company investing in property lease will be given to joint-stock companies with the share capital of at least PLN 50 million, whose shares are admitted to trading on the official stock-exchange listing market. Hence, the draft bill provoked curiosity and interest mainly among entities that potentially meet the said conditions, and, as the comments to the draft bill suggest, government’s proposals received great interest.