Implementation of the Polish Order means a lot of problems, which we have been dealing with since the New Year. These changes will undoubtedly affect the public procurement market as well.

INCREASING FISCAL CHARGES FOR BUSINESSES (i.e. potential contractors) and, at the same time, INCREASING REVENUE FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, which account for a large portion of all contracting authorities, are just the most important factors impacting the public procurement market and resulting from the Polish New Deal.

One should also remember about such important factors as INFLATION, HIGHLY INCREASING PRICES OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND LABOUR COSTS and difficulties in finding workers.

Unfortunately, there are no indications that these factors will stop affecting the market in the nearest future.

It is difficult to find a universal answer to such complex problems, but it seems that in the nearest future the parties to public procurement contracts will more and more often resort to contract valorization.

Without it, many contracts may be in jeopardy, especially if it turns out that it is more profitable for the contractor to terminate the contract and pay a contractual penalty than to continue performing it, putting their business at risk.