In Poland, the number of photovoltaic installations is growing rapidly, mainly driven by various grants and other forms of support. However, without them, photovoltaics is doomed to failure?

THE FOLLOWING EDITION OF THE MY POWER PROGRAM, the most popular form of support for the purchase and installation of household PV systems, is now coming to an end.

As assured by the administrators of the program, it will be continued. However, further editions of the programme will also cover DEVICES INCREASING THE AUTUMPTION LEVEL OF ENERGY PRODUCED. Perhaps also home energy management systems, energy storage or home charging stations.

At the same time everything indicates that without support the dynamics of photovoltaic development would be lower.

However, in the perspective of the next few years, the interest in renewable sources of energy will most likely result from the rising prices of electricity.

Therefore, having your own energy source – also for entrepreneurs – can be very profitable, even if you have to finance this investment with your own money.