Jacek Kosiński was one of representatives of the consortium Porr, Gülemark ad Energopol-Szczecin S.A. in the tender for the design and construction of the tunnel connecting the islands Usedom and Wolin in Świnoujście, and then in the proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber. The approximate gross tender value is PLN 800 million. In the procurement procedure, the City of Świnoujście, represented by the Szczecin Branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, selected the offer placed by the consortium Astaldi. In the opinion of lawyers, both the winning tender and the offer of another consortium named Toto were inconsistent with the Terms of Reference. The Chamber shared that opinion and, at the same time, found that it does not see how the winning tender could be corrected. This means that the Contracting Authority will once again have to collect and evaluate all tenders and, most probably, reject the ones that are inconsistent with the Terms of Reference.