On April 1, the regulations providing the legal basis for the implementation of the Land for Housing program will come into force. Its basic assumption is to OPPOSE COOPERATION BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT AND DEVELOPERS, by transferring communal land for housing development, with partial price settlement for apartments or commercial premises purchased from the investor by the municipality.

It is worth emphasizing that under this program, the tenants will also be able to apply for additional payments to the rent on the basis of the “Housing to Start”.

In addition, the municipalities will have the opportunity to sell under the “Site for Land” procedure the real estate allocated to them from the National Property Stock.

Of course, the costs of acquiring the real estate and of the investment will be borne by the investors.

However, the participation of communes in the program is not obligatory and depends on an APPROVAL OF THEIR COUNCILS. The property is to be sold by way of an open written tender.

This, in turn, raises the question whether the communes will be interested in such an initiative at all?