For a long time, experts have been pointing to growing problems with the power grid, caused for example by the dynamic development of photovoltaics. There is no doubt that their solution is becoming more and more urgent.

Among the possible prescriptions to be introduced one should mention POPULARIZATION OF ENERGY STORAGE, which is still a rare investment. First of all, due to its cost and ADMINISTRATIVE BARRIERS.

Recently, the Polish Wind Energy Association has also recommended the COOPERATION OF NETWORK CONNECTIONS BY WIND AND PHOTOWOLTAIC SOURCES.

This method allows for more efficient use of completed connections. Thanks to this method, PV installations provide electricity in periods of their greatest efficiency, while wind turbines provide electricity at night and in months with a lower level of insolation.

It is certainly a very interesting idea, but it requires more strategic planning of investments.

This, in turn, is still lacking, if only because of the difficulties the investors have in arranging the formalities resulting from the law in force.