For over a month now, the regulations have been in force which significantly expand the possibility of submitting documents in the procedure for obtaining a building permit online. This is undoubtedly a significant progress, but IT IS STILL TRUE TO TALK ABOUT A BREAKTHROUGH.

The first weeks of application of the new regulations revealed BASIC PROBLEMS WITH THEIR APPLICATION.

These include, first and foremost, technical difficulties with the handling of the files by the authorities. These include difficulties in uploading documents to the e-Construction portal, as well as the lack of appropriate software in the offices themselves.

In the near future, there may also be problems with the proper archiving of procedural documentation, which, after all, requires servers with sufficient capacity.

Of course, this does not change the fact that a month ago an important step towards full digitization of construction procedures was made, and now the main challenge remains to CONTINUE THE REFORM IN THE DIRECTION OF THE POSSIBILITY OF OBTAINING DECISIONS AND CONSENT IN THIS FORM BEFORE APPLICATING FOR A BUILDING PERMIT.