Recently, the PPP Department at the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy published its latest report on the public-private partnership market. THE COLLECTED DATA SHOW THAT THERE IS STILL A LOT TO BE DONE TO POPULARIZE PPP.

According to the presented data, in the second quarter of 2021, TWO PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS were concluded with a total value of PLN 116 million, relating to the construction of a sports and recreation center in Płock and 40 council apartments in Małkinia Górna municipality.

Each of these contracts was concluded after the contractor was selected in accordance with the Public Procurement Law.

What is important, in the discussed quarter, the authors of the report did not identify the start of new proceedings aimed at selecting a private partner. At the same time – counting from 2017 – the percentage of positively concluded procedures remains at the level of 38%.

It is worth noting that since 2009 the partnership has been used in fifteen sectors, so in fact in ALL AREAS OF PUBLIC SERVICES. Besides, the most active entities in the partnership area are municipalities.