The energy certificate is to be attached to the notarial deed of sale of the apartment. This is a big problem, especially in the case of older properties, and the new formalities can significantly lengthen the procedures associated with the purchase.

The portal reports that the Ministry of Development and Technology has announced that it will withdraw from this idea of changing the law, but THE CONTENT OF THE PROPOSAL OF THE ENERGY CERTIFICATE ACT HAS STILL NOT CHANGED.

As announced, the provisions will be redrafted so that the notary is only obliged to note in the deed that the parties have provided each other with an energy certificate.

Indeed, it is an important document – especially from the point of view of the need to protect the environment – but in the case of older housing, it is simply difficult to access, and often obtaining it does not involve an actual assessment of the energy performance of the building.

In addition, the increase of formalities in the residential property market has a NEGATIVE IMPACT on the market, which already faces serious problems with access to various types of documentation.