Building a photovoltaic farm on uncultivated land is a very good way to generate additional income for the farm. However, its construction is connected with a number of formalities, such as the DE-AGREECULTURE OF THE LAND.

The Provincial Administrative Court in Łódź has stated recently that an investment in a photovoltaic farm requires that the whole plot of land must be deagreecultured, not only that part which will be dedicated for the pv farm.

The Court stated that the adoption of a different approach could lead to the investors’ circumvention of regulations regarding the protection of agricultural and forest land.

Indeed, in the case, the photovoltaic farm was to be built on land designated for AGRICULTURAL FARMING AND FARMERS’ RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS.

In any case, while there is virtually no doubt that in most cases the construction of a farm is a very profitable venture, it is associated with many formal and legal requirements.