Smog is an almost universal problem in Poland – and not only in big cities. Without COMPREHENSIVE CHANGES IN THE PRINCIPLES OF HEATING BUILDINGS, it seems that this problem cannot be solved.

Currently, one of the best legal instruments in this area is Article 96 of the Environmental Protection Law.

Under this provision, the provincial parliament may adopt a RESOLUTION LIMITING OR PROHIBITING THE OPERATION OF INSTALLATIONS IN WHICH FUELS ARE COMBUSTIBLE. The resolution defines first of all the boundaries of the area where it is introduced, types of entities, installations and fuels to which it applies, as well as – optionally – the period of validity of limitations or prohibitions during the year.

Unfortunately, such solutions are still applied on a too small scale and do not solve the problem of air pollution caused by non-organic heat sources.

This is all the more so as the EXCHANGE OF STOVES IN CITIES is not enough, taking into account the fact that very often the source of the problems discussed here in cities is the quality of fuels used in neighboring communes.