The huge demand means that virtually any number of apartments will be accepted by the market. In the meantime, the waiting time for decisions is getting much longer, which has a negative impact on the entire real estate sector. How to shorten the waiting time?

Developers have to stand in the longest queues in large cities, where the waiting time for environmental decisions or decisions on the division of property exceeds one year.

Increasingly, officials also fail to meet the statutory deadline for issuing a building permit.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to point to effective ways of counteracting such delays.

It is true that applicants may at least notify the provincial governor of the delay in processing an application for a building permit, but most often the effect of such a step is even greater delay. In the end, the provincial governor also has to consider the case, and for this purpose will request a set of documents from the district office. It is known that at this time the permit will not be issued.

You may also try to lodge a complaint about the lack of activity or protracted procedure. It is worth considering especially when the investor knows that the office, despite the expiry of the time limit, has not yet started to examine the application.