The announcement of the elimination of the system of discounts and its replacement with more complicated solutions for prosumer billing has caused investors to accelerate their decisions to implement investments in photovoltaics, so as to complete them later this year. IS IT WORTH RUSHING?

This year, the photovoltaic market – still with dynamic growth – faced several problems. At the beginning of the year, INVESTORS WERE WAITING FOR A DECISION ON THE MY POWER PROGRAM. This in turn caused the postponement of investments.

In addition, the challenge is the RISING COSTS OF PANELS AND THEIR INSTALLATION, caused for example by rising prices of raw materials used for their production.

The abovementioned ANNOUNCEMENT OF CHANGE IN THE RULES FOR METERIZING PROSUMENTS also raises serious doubts. Indeed, it seems that its balance – when compared with the current rules – will turn out to be less favorable for panel owners.

However, the amendment will cause rather short-term fluctuations on the market, so it is worthwhile for those who have already made the decision to build the system to complete it by the end of the year. However, it is difficult to expect major perturbations in 2022.