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The author of the book  carried out THE DETAILED ANALYSIS OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF THE EXTENSIVE MODELIZATION OF THE CONSTRUCTION LAW, including the introduction of the technical design, new legalization procedure and legalization of the old self-contracted construction, as well as extensive changes related to building permits for projects for which it is required to conduct an environmental impact assessment.

The publication has a very PRACTICAL CHARACTER. You will find answers to questions related to the doubts arising from divergent jurisprudence, such as:
– Is there freedom of development in Polish law?
– Why should a road, apart from its communicative function, be characterized by construction?
– When may a renewable energy source be regarded as a building?
– Is the “first come, first served” principle valid in the Construction Law?
– How is the construction process electronic?
– What are the consequences of lack of need for technical design approval?
– Why the declaration about disposal of the real property for construction purposes does not allow to demolish a building?
– Why in some cases the investor will be forced to apply for a decision (despite the lack of such requirement) on discontinuance of the proceedings on issuing the environmental decision?
– Does an environmental decision with immediate enforceability entitle to file an application for a construction permit?
– When is it not possible to take advantage of the simplified legalisation procedure for outdated building unauthorised acts?
– and many others.

Enjoy your reading!