The President’s signature under the “premises for land” act completes the legislative process. In just a few weeks, COMMUNES WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THEIR LAND TO DEVELOPERS, SETTLING THE PRICE IN REPLACEMENT FOR THE FLATS HANDED TO THEM.


The purpose of the act is to unblock communal real estate suitable for residential construction, and thus INCREASE the supply of this type of land.


The commune will be able to use the premises obtained in this mode for the IMPLEMENTATION OF ITS TASKS IN THE FIELD OF HOUSING, CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL AND HEALTH POLICY.


The commune council shall decide on the sale of land by resolution, indicating the NUMBER AND AREA OF PREMISES OR BUILDINGS WHICH WILL TRANSFERRED BY DEVELOPER.


In addition, the resolution will also have to specify the parameters, minimum standard, location and price of 1 m2 of usable floor space of the premises or building.


In any case, it is clear that the SUCCESS OF THE NEW MECHANISM WILL DEPEND ON THE ATTITUDE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. It remains to be hoped that the local authorities will be open to this kind of cooperation. If not, the new law will be dead (as “lex developer” is).