Yesterday, the Senate (the higher chamber of Polish Parliament) aproved the Offshore Act without any amendments.  This means the end of the fundamental part of the legislative process, which opens the possibility for the president to sign the act, and thus to publish it and enter into force. IT WILL BE A REAL BREAKTHROUGH FOR THE WHOLE OFFSHORE MARKET.

Until now, entrepreneurs operating in this industry operated in a kind of LEGAL VACUUM, which in turn significantly impeded their development – especially INVESTMENTS IN WIND FARMS IN THE BALTIC SEA.

In this context, it is worth recalling that the act regulates, the RULES OF APPLYING FOR PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF WIND FARMS IN THE BALTIC SEA; issues related to connecting energy producers to the power grid or CONSTRUCTION, OPERATION AND LIQUIDATION OF THIS KIND OF FARMS.

Of course, the entry into force of the act will open a new chapter in RES DEVELOPMENT IN POLAND, and thus will be an important stage in the energy

It remains to be hoped for the proper use and application of the offshore act. Finally, GOOD LAW IS NOT ONLY A MATTER OF REGULATIONS THEMSELVES, BUT ALSO – OR ABOVE ALL – OF THEIR RATIONAL APPLICATION.