Liberalization of the 10H rule is the basic goal of the draft amendments to the law, which are currently under consideration and which are supposed to definitely facilitate the construction of wind power plants. In the meantime, local governments raise objections.

The local governments’ doubts concern above all the PRINCIPLES OF UNDERSTANDING THE LOCATION OF A WIND POWER PLANT.

Well, according to the current wording of the draft, the provisions of such a plan would apply to the WHOLE AREA OF THE ELECTRICITY’S IMPACT, which in practice may mean the need to prepare such an act even by several neighboring communes.

The problem is, therefore, mainly about solving the issue of WHAT TO DO IN CASE SINCE THE ADJacent GOVERNMENTS DO NOT AGREE ON THE LOCATION OF THE PROJECT, due to opposition of one of them or lack of interest in adopting the local plan.

It seems, therefore, that this is another – negative – effect of the low level of coverage of the country with local spatial development plans and the unwillingness of local authorities to engage in the time-consuming and costly process of their preparation.