Applying the new Public Procurement Law poses a number of problems for contracting authorities. Admittedly, this is in many ways a standard situation, but in times of crisis PUBLIC INVESTMENTS ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR SUPPORTING THE ECONOMY.

It always takes a long time to introduce new regulations, especially those that are important from the point of view of the administration or entrepreneurs. It is no different in the case of the new Procurement Law, especially since it implements a number of new institutions and solutions.

This kind of problem has been increasingly often pointed out by representatives of the contracting authorities, especially by local government officials.

Meanwhile, the stability of the entire public procurement system largely depends on local government investments, where smaller companies often play the role of contractors, gaining the experience necessary to work on larger projects, for example as subcontractors.

In any case, in times of crisis, the health of many industries depends on the value and efficiency of public competitions. That is why problems with the application of the new Procurement Law are so important.