The amendment to the Act on Renewable Energy Sources has already landed on the President’s desk, which, in turn, marks the end of the legislative process and, at the same time, opens up the most important question for the entire renewable energy market in the New Year: WHAT WILL BE THE IMPACT OF THE NEW REGULATIONS ON RENEWABLE ENERGY?

Virtually no one doubts that the renewable energy market will experience a serious slowdown in 2022. The only differences are in its projected scale.

For example, the Institute for Renewable Energy / Instytut Energetyki Rennawialnej assumes that the growth dynamics of new installations will decrease by 50%. However, the Polish Photovoltaic Industry Association PV Poland goes much further, forecasting as much as a 70% drop.

It is worth mentioning that those who install PV panels before 1 April 2022 will still be able to benefit from the current system.

Unfortunately, the legislator’s decision seems to have been strongly influenced by problems with the grid, which simply cannot keep up with the development of photovoltaics.

Indirectly, these are the consequences of the lack of adequate interest – especially at the prosumer support level – in comprehensive installations that also allow for storage of the energy produced.