A draft amendment concerning, among other things, the rules for accounting for energy produced by a photovoltaic installation has raised some concerns in the industry. Meanwhile, further development of PV is simply necessary. So IS IT DANGEROUS?

Actually, there is no doubt that the scale of interest in photovoltaics has exceeded all kinds of assumptions. At the same time, experts actually agree that the basic factor stimulating this development is a SIMPLE SYSTEM OF GRANTING AND ACCOUNTING FOR THE ENERGY PRODUCED.

At the same time, the aforementioned announcements mean that quite a few households have decided to speed up investment in their own installations in order to “catch up” before the announced changes in the law (they are to cover panels installed from 2022).

In the context of such concerns – although indeed everything points to the fact that the system of accounting for energy from PV installations will become more complicated – it is worth remembering that an IMPORTANT FACTOR OF THE INTEREST IN PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS IS THE INCREASE IN THE PRICE OF CURRENT POWER.

Here, in turn, all predictions indicate that in the near future we will have to deal with further increases. This, in turn, will certainly be an important factor driving the entire RES industry.