The “premises for land” law, which has been in force for several months, has so far not been used even once. Will it share the fate of lex developer?

The basic assumption of this law is to enable local governments to transfer plots of land to developers in exchange for communal apartments or public utility buildings.

The main purpose of these solutions was to release local government land – very often located in attractive locations – and at the same time to create conditions for cooperation between the public and private sectors.

In addition, the developer’s lex providing for the possibility of carrying out residential development on the basis of a zoning resolution was to serve a similar purpose. Unfortunately – so far – only 170 such resolutions have been issued.

However, there are significant differences between these laws, and a land allocation for local authorities can prove to be a significant support in solving budget problems.

In practice, the application of such solutions always requires overcoming fears of cooperation between public and private entities. We can only hope that local governments will begin to blaze these trails.