Since the New Year works on regulations relating to companies investing in property rental will start. It turns out that their main goal will be to PREVENT THE EVENTUAL IMPACT OF THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY ON THE FURTHER GROWTH OF REAL ESTATE PRICES.

According to the statement sent to the Polish Press Agency by the Ministry of Finance, the special commission appointed for the purpose of drafting regulations concerning REITs is to commence its work at the beginning of the next year.

According to the Prime Minister’s order, this committee will be headed by the Minister of Finance and it will be through him that the proposals of the prepared legislative acts will be presented.

However, the work of this team has been going on for several months already. It turns out that – according to the information officially released to the media – so far its members have come to the conclusion that the activity of companies investing in property rental may turn out to be another factor DETERMINING the growth of property prices.

This, in turn, raises the question of how such assumptions will translate into the content of proposed legal regulations. It seems that they will rather aim at narrowing the field of REITs’ activity.