Rising energy prices are one of the most important arguments for the need to invest extensively in RES, including wind energy. What is needed for this is a REVOLUTION IN THE REGULATIONS. Will we manage to achieve it?

According to Rzeczpospolita a draft bill amending regulations pertaining to windmill construction, including the famous 10H rule, is to be submitted to the Parliament in the autumn of this year. However, some are already predicting difficulties with the government working out the final wording of the regulations.

In any case, according to the announcements, the 10H rule will be maintained, but exceptions to it can be made, even if only in the local zoning plan. However, always maintaining the minimum distance from buildings amounting to 500m.

Admittedly, it is hard to consider it a revolution, but in fact any facilitation of wind power plants’ construction is worth its weight in gold – after all, without them it is hard to imagine an energy transformation or a decrease in electricity prices.

The latter is also very much needed by industry, for which other renewable sources are often simply insufficient.