The governmental draft amendment to the Act on Renewable Energy Sources has been completed. The proposed changes are aimed primarily at SIMPLIFYING THE PROCEDURES RELATING TO THE EXERCISE OF BUSINESS ACTIVITIES IN THE RESOLVE INDUSTRY.

As part of the amendment, the legislator intends to INTRODUCE A NEW DEFINITION OF SMALL INSTALLATION. According to the draft, the definition of a small installation will include a renewable energy source with a total installed capacity of more than 50 kW and less than 1 MW, connected to a power grid with nominal voltage lower than 110 kV.

According to the draft, the threshold of thermal power output in the aggregate for renewable energy source installations is also to be raised for small installations.

Moreover, the legislators intend to extend till June 30th 2045 the obligation to purchase unused electricity by RES MIKROINSTALLATIONS OPERATING OUTSIDE THE PROSUMENT SYSTEM; to purchase unused electricity at a fixed price or the RIGHT TO SURPLUS TO THE MARKET PRICE OF ELECTRICITY UNDER THE FIT AND FIP SYSTEMS and to purchase electricity at a fixed price or the right to surcharge to the market price of electricity under the auction system.