Banking and finance

Obtaining finance in an effective way and on advantageous conditions is a keystone to any investment. Our banking and finance team provides comprehensive legal advice to companies at all stages of seeking finance for their business plans and the subsequent handling of credit claims. We guarantee clients financial stability of the projects by matching them to investor's financial capabilities and market conditions.

Our advisory services in the field of banking and finance include:

  • analysing and preparing credit documentation and collateral agreements for the purpose of consolidating or restructuring the debts of business entities
  • advising and recommending, as well as representing entities in acquiring funds for investments
  • advising on acquiring funds on capital markets, including the issue of bonds and other debt instruments, as well as the issue of shares on the public market
  • representing entities seeking finance

Thanks to many years of market presence, we have specialised in supporting businesses in project financing. Owing to this and our experience, our clients have taken safe decisions and their investments were fully successful.

Our recent experience includes:

  • Advising a bank on financing the purchase of several commercial properties by an investor and securing the financing within a single credit portfolio.
  • Advising an entity on the conclusion of a loan agreement to finance the construction of the second metro line in Warsaw.
  • Advising an entity on obtaining PLN 3.2 billion of financing for the implementation of an investment plan covering the construction of the ‘Czajka’ sewage treatment plant and the modernization and development of the water and sewerage infrastructure in Warsaw.
  • Representing a bank in transactions covering the acquisition of funds for the purchase or construction of shopping centres, office centres, and other commercial projects.