There is no doubt that in the last several months the photovoltaic market has experienced very intensive development. However, in the short term, problems may arise that will hinder it – WHAT ARE YOUR PROGRESSES IN THIS AREA?

Institute of Renewable Energy states that in 2020, 1.5% of electricity was produced from photovoltaic sources in Poland. HOWEVER, IN 2021 THIS PERCENTAGE WILL ALREADY REACH 3.5%.

At the same time, the Institute in its report also points out the LIMITATIONS THAT THE PHOTOVOLTAIC MARKET MAY BE FOLLOWING IN THE NEXT TIME.

Among them are accessibility to the grid and the long wait for connection conditions, bureaucracy, unclear and often changing regulations.

I think that since we managed to popularize PV sources among prosumers, it is worth moving on to more advanced projects, supporting the construction of energy storage facilities or photovoltaic farms. Unfortunately, currently the greatest difficulties relate to the implementation of this type of investment.