Waiting at least several months – and in some places even more than a year – for an entry in the land and mortgage register is a serious impediment to the entire real estate market. Will the announced changes in the law solve this problem?

The Ministry of Justice is working on changes that will allow notaries to make entries in land and mortgage registers, priority of hearing such cases in courts, as well as reimbursement of bridge insurance costs to consumers after the entry is made.

It would be up to the applicant to choose whether to get the entry in court or with a notary public.

Of course, the most important issue in this kind of solutions are technical issues, especially connected with access to the system handling land and mortgage registers and efficiency of its operation.

However, the idea should be perceived positively. It has a chance to relieve the land and mortgage register courts, but rather in a longer perspective. For now – unfortunately – waiting in long lines remains.