Serious infrastructural investments will certainly play a key role during the recovery from the crisis. The road construction programme is worth mentioning in this context. But WILL IT BE POSSIBLE TO IMPLEMENT ITS ASSUMPTIONS?

The National Roads Construction Programme until 2030 assumes THE IMPLEMENTATION OF OVER 2.5 THOUSAND KM OF HIGH-SPEED TRAFFIC ROADS and the completion of investments already underway with a total length of over 4,000 km. Implementation of the plans will mean completion of the freeway and expressway network.

The value of this programme amounts to nearly PLN 300 billion, while the assumption is that most of the required funds will be found in the national budget.

However, taking into account such factors as a rapid increase in the prices of construction materials, deepening problems with finding construction industry workers, or prolonged time of dealing with various administrative issues related to the investment process, it is doubtful that these ambitious assumptions can be implemented within the assumed timeframe.