The government is working on a hydrogen strategy to decarbonize the economy and create a new industry. This, however, requires an APPROVED LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK.

The Climate Ministry says that hydrogen should first play an important role in transportation. Next, it is to be widely used in the power industry and, as a gas mixture, in heating and industry.

In this regard, the government is working on a number of solutions – including a WATER LAW ACT and A SECTORAL AGREEMENT (modelled on the offshore, recently signed).

In any case, the government’s strategy identifies 40 ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN TO PROMOTE hydrogen technologies. These include issues such as production, transportation, distribution, industrial use and power generation.

Plans call for the installation of electrolyzers with a total capacity of 50 MW already by 2025, which are expected to produce nearly 4,000 tons of hydrogen per year. In turn, five years later, the level of installed power is to reach 2 GW, and the production of hydrogen – almost 200 thousand tons per year.

It is also planned to use hydrogen as an energy storage, supporting the production of electricity from RES.