More and more foreign housing funds are interested in buying apartments in Poland. AND THE GOVERNMENT IS THINKING ABOUT REGULATING THIS SITUATION.

In fact, there is no doubt that currently buying an apartment seems to be an extremely profitable investment – also for various funds or other institutions.

As reported by, foreign housing funds sometimes buy entire housing estates. According to estimates, about 7 thousand apartments have been purchased in this manner this year, and during the last three years as many as 90-100 thousand.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Development and Technology is supposed to develop regulations limiting this type of activity. At the same time, it does not continuously monitor statistics on such purchases.

There is no doubt that the structure of the Polish residential market – primarily due to the huge demand and the still low level of saturation – makes it an interesting place for investors.

It is difficult to predict the direction of possible legislative works aiming at regulation of the discussed buyout of apartments. However, it seems that they should, above all, PROTECT against speculative trade in residential real estate.