Public-private partnership allows to increase effectiveness of public tasks implementation. Therefore, it is worth using it also in the area of energy efficiency improvement. STARTING FROM THE NEW YEAR THERE WILL BE NEW LEGAL POSSIBILITIES IN THIS AREA.

By virtue of the amendment to the Act on Energy Efficiency, the legislator made changes that enable a wide use of PPP in this type of investments. THE REGULATIONS WILL COME INTO FORCE ON 1 JANUARY 2022.

According to the amendments, the regulations of the Act on PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP WILL BE APPLIED when selecting a provider of services related to improving energy efficiency.
This primarily involves energy efficiency improvement contracts financed in whole or in part by the energy consumption service provider.

What is extremely important from the point of view of state and local finances and, at the same time, popularization of the PPP idea, OBLIGATIONS OF THE PUBLIC ENTITY RESULTING FROM THIS TYPE OF AGREEMENTS WILL NOT IMPACT THE LEVEL OF PUBLIC DEBT AND DEFICIT OF THE PUBLIC FINANCE SECTOR.

However, a prerequisite for the application of this solution will be the assumption of the majority of construction and maintenance risk by a PRIVATE PARTNER.