Renewable energy sources – discounts will be available with local governments

The conclusion of an agreement with the municipality will make it possible to use the system of discounts for a longer period of time – such are the main assumptions of the amendment, which has already been submitted to the Senate.

At the end of January the Sejm passed the bill amending the Act on Renewable Energy Sources. If it will come into force, it will enable FURTHER USE OF OPTIONS SYSTEM.

The condition to take advantage of this solution is to sign an agreement for purchase, installation or co-financing of micro-installation with a local government unit by 31 March this year.

It is worth emphasizing that this condition will be fulfilled if a potential prosumer submits a statement of the seller that he has concluded such an agreement with the local government.

Moreover, in order to continue to benefit from the discount system, it will be necessary to submit a valid application for connection of the installation to the grid by 31 December 2023.

We hope that the legislative process will be completed quickly so that all interested parties have as much time as possible to complete the relevant formalities.