Insolation of apartments, parking spaces, construction of mezzanines or the necessity to provide facilities for the disabled – these are only the most important changes to be introduced into the regulation on technical conditions that should be met by buildings and their location.

One of the most important changes is certainly the desire to delete from the regulation the provision according to which the required time of sun exposure is not specified for flats in a city centre development. In practice, this may make it impossible to build one-room apartments on the north side.

Moreover, the legislator intends to introduce a regulation, according to which EVERY PARKING SPACE WILL HAVE TO HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO THE MANAGEMENT ROAD. This in turn will virtually eliminate the possibility of designing family spaces or parking platforms.

According to the project, each new multi-family building will have to contain at least 6% of units – but no less than one apartment – providing FACILITIES FOR THE DISABLED.

Such units will be required to have a wider corridor and maneuvering space for wheelchairs, and the installation of outlets at an appropriate height.