A few days ago the Sejm adopted an amendment to the Act on renewable energy sources. Its MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO FACILITATE RES INVESTMENTS.

Among many changes, it is worth noting the extension until 2027 of the possibility to organize auctions of renewable energy sources and the authorization of the National Support Centre for Agriculture to lease land for the construction of renewable energy investments to State Treasury companies. The transfer is to be made on a non-tender basis.

If the amendment comes into force, the maximum power of small installations will be set at 1 MW, instead of 0.5 MW as it was before. This will mean an increase in the threshold up to which an investor planning to build this type of installation will not have to apply for a license.

Moreover, the legislator plans to introduce regulations under which RES of up to 0.5 MW will not have to be taken into account in the study of spatial development directions and conditions or in the local plan.

However, in the case of wasteland and land of the fifth and sixth class, this threshold will be set at 1 MW.