Such things only in our Law Office!
Today, on 13th July, we have received the final construction permit for the shopping centre for our Client. After completion of the construction a commercial object with an area of about 10 thousand GLA will be created. However, this fact alone is nothing extraordinary. It is a special success for us, because it concerns a real estate (1) subject to development restrictions due to its location in a spa protection zone; (2) moreover, part of the real estate is located in an area under nature conservation protection; (3) additionally, the already existing buildings are under strict conservation protection.

It would not have been possible to finally obtain a building permit for the construction of the facility under such special conditions without FULL RESPECT AND PROTECTION OF THE VALUES THAT ARISE FROM THE ABOVE, and without PROVIDING A REAL ANALYSIS AND LEGAL ARGUMENTS, which convinced:
– Ministry of Health,
– Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection,
– conservator of historical monuments and
– local authorities.

A strong team of our law firm was involved in the case, including Aleksandra Błaszczyńska-Śmigielska, PhD, from the Kraków office and Jacek Kosiński, attorney at law, from the Warsaw headquarters.